Product variation swatches


Follow these steps to create Product Variation Swatches.

To use Product variation swatches feature, you need to install and activate the Insight Swatches plugin.

From the Dashboard, go to Insight Core > Plugins > Install & Activate Insight Swatches.

Create variations

Step 1: From the Dashboard, navigate to Products > Attributes

Step 2: Fill in the Attribute name (such as Size, Color, Image, etc)

For example, you want to add color attribute to the product then fill in “Color” in “Name” field.

Step 3: You can determines how this attribute's values are displayed with Type

You can display your attribute in 3 types:

  • Text

  • Color

  • Image

Step 4: Hit Add attribute when you’re done. Now click on Configure terms link to add new terms to the attribute. Here you’ll see the new field shows up.

When you're done, you can choose to create new product using this attribute, or add this attribute to the products you've already create.

To change how your variation display, from Attributes, click Edit the Attribute you've just created > Select Type > Update

Set up variation swatches for products

Step 1: From the admin dashboard, navigate to Products > All Products.

Note: If you haven't created any product, go to Product > Add New, then fill in all the need information

Step 2: Select the product you want to set Product variation swatches. At the Product data section, select Product type as Variable product. Step 3: Choose tab Attributes > Add the attribute you've just created

Step 4: Click on each attribute tab to fill in its value by typing in the value you want then hit Add new. Also, put a tick on 2 options that are Visible on the product page and Used for variations. And finally hit Save attributes.

Step 5: Move to tab Variations, click the dropdown menu and choose Create variations from all attributes, click Go.

Step 6: Now you will see all the variations appear based on the product’s attributes. Firstly, select the default variation if you want. Next, select the attribute that you want to show on shop catalog. Step 7: Click on each variation to set up its image, price, sale countdown, and other details as you want.

You can add gallery images for each variation. Instructions to do this are here.

Step 8: Finally, click Save changes after you finished all of them. And click Update to save changes to the product.


Hide out-of-stock variations

Required: Insight Swatches plugin ver 1.5.0


Show attribute on shop catalog

To show attribute on shop catalog, you need to Edit product > Go to Variations tab > Select the attribute you want to display on shop catalog.

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