There are advanced, API integrations, light gallery, cookie notice, and performance.


Where to set:

  • Go to top button

  • Image lazy load

  • Retina display

  • Smooth scroll

API Integrations

  • Google Map Api Key

  • Instagram Access Token

Light Gallery

Especially for images/videos on the product page when you click on them. For example:

  • Auto play (on/off)

  • Download button (on/off)

  • Fullscreen buton (on/off)

  • Share button (on/off)

  • Zoom button (on/off)

  • Thumbnail gallery (on/off)

Cooki Notice

  • Cookie Notice (hide/show)

  • Messages

  • Button text


  • Disable Emojis (on/off)

  • Disable Embeds (on/off)

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