Product video & product 360


Here is how to set up Product Video Gallery and Product 360 for your online business.

Step 1: From the admin dashboard, navigate to Products > All Products, then select the product you want to add the video. Step 2: Find the Product gallery section in the right sidebar, click Add product gallery images.

Step 3: Select or upload images of that product. Then select one image to add the video in.

Step 4: You will see the section called Minimog Media Attach. Click to the droplist and choose Product Video, then paste the YouTube URL of the video or attach an MP4 file there.

Step 5: Click Set product image to finish. Step 6: Finally, click Publish or Update to save your changes.

How to set up Product 360

At step 4: In the section Minimog Media Attach, click to the droplist at Media Attach and choose Product 360.

Step 5: Click Upload image and choose your product 360 image. In this Select Image tab, read the description below carefully, then fill in the number of Total Frames and Frames per row of your product image, then hit Attach Image.

Step 6: Now it will go back to Product Image tab, fill in the number of the frames again, then click Set product image.

Step 7: Finally, Update to finish. Now you can click View product to see the result.

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