Theme Styling

Theme Options > Theme Styling

You are able to edit

  • Site Background

  • Colors

  • Typography

  • Border & Rounded

Site background

You are able to set up the body background of your site:

  • Select Color

  • Select Background Repeat style (No Repeat/ Repeat All/ Repeat Horizontally/ Repeat Vertically/ Inherit)

  • Select Background Size (Inherit/ Cover/ Contain)

  • Select Background Attachment (Fixed/ Scroll/ Inherit)

  • Select Background Position (Left top/ Left center/ Left bottom/ Center top/ Center center/ Center bottom/ Right top/ Right center/ Right bottom)

  • Upload selected media

You can also be able to choose your page blocks style as Normal or Border Block


You are able to change:

  • Primary color

  • Secondary color

  • Box color (text, background)

  • Text color

  • Link color

  • Heading color

  • Button color

  • Button hover color

  • Form color

  • Focus color

  • Pagination number color


This section contains general typography options. Additional typography options for specific areas can be found within other sections. Example: For breadcrumb typography options go to the breadcrumb section.

You are able to customize:

  • Body Typography

  • Heading Typography

(Font family, line height, letter spacing)

  • Font size

  • Widget title

  • etc.

Border & Rounded

Where you can set box rounded for button

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