Sale countdown timer


In this guide, you can set Sale Countdown Timer for certain products.

To use Sale Coutdown Timer, you'll need to activate the Sales Countdown Timer Premium for WooCommerce and WordPress plugin.

From the Dashboard, go to Insight Core > Plugins > Install & Activate Sales Countdown Timer Premium for WooCommerce and WordPress.

For products have no variations:

Step 1: From the admin dashboard, navigate to Products > All Products.

Step 2: Select the product you want to set the sale countdown timer for.

Step 3: At the Product data section, choose Product type as Simple product

Step 4: From the tab General, click on Schedule next to the Sale price, set the Sale price as well as the valid time for it.

Step 5: Set some more options right below as you want, then choose the Countdown timer profile.

For products have variations:

At step 3: Select Product type as Variable product

Step 4: Select tab Variations, click on each variation to display the settings

Step 5: Here you will also set the Sale price, valid date and time for the sale, and other settings.

Step 6: Click Save changes after finished editing.

Note: Don’t forget to hit Update to save your changes for that product.

How to customize Countdown timer profile:

Step 1: Select Countdown Timer from the admin dashboard

Step 2: Here you can customize its settings with General settings, the countdown timer design for both 2 types of Countdown timer profile.

Step 3: Click Save when finished your customization.

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