Size guide

Display size chart for your customers


1. Enable Size Guide

On the Dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Product > Size Guide > Enable product size guides > Save changes

You can choose to:

  • Enable product size guides: Apply to all products

  • Enable on variable products only: Apply to variable products

2. Add new Size Guide

After save changes for the previous step, go to Products > Size Guides > Add New

Fill in the needed information

  • Size guide name

  • Table

Display Size Guide for certain categories

You'll see the Apply to Categories section on the right of the screen. Here you can display a size guide for certain categories

  • If you select No category, the size guide will be hidden except you select it for a specific product manually.

  • If you select All Categories, the size guide will be displayed on all products.

  • If you select Select Categories, you must select at least a category in the list.

The most important thing of a size guide is the table of sizes for your products.

In the Table Box, you will see a table editor. It allows you add/remove columns and rows by using the plus/minus buttons.

Fill table cells by just clicking on them and inputing the text.

Click Update to save changes.

3. Display Size Guide on Product page

After save changes for the 2 previous steps, go to Product > All Products > Choose the product you want to add size chart > Select Product data according to your product > Slect Size Guide

There are options to display the size guide and the button.

Size Guide:

Choose a size guide you want to display

  • Size Guide Name

  • Default: Display the default size chart

  • No size guide: Display no size guide

Size Guide Display:

On Guide Display, you can choose to display your size guide in product tabs or display it as a popup by clicking on a button.

Button position

If you choose to display your size chart as a popup, you can also choose to display your button position:

  • Above Add To Cart button

  • Below short description

  • Below price

When you finish, remember to click Update.

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