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Account Register Instruction from version 2.8.0

Minimog version 2.8.0 refactored user register popup system to follow Accounts Settings by WooCommerce. Changes are as followings:

  1. Split Full Name field into First Name field and Last Name field in Registration form.

  2. Add a setting that allows input First name field and Last name field in WooCommerce register form.

  3. Fix 2 account setting options to respect WooCommerce settings:

  • When creating an account, automatically generate an account username for the customer based on their name, surname or email

  • When creating an account, send the new user a link to set their password

What may happen after the update?

This may cause Password field & Username field to disappear in Registration form as password and username are set to be auto-generated by default when choosing these options. To show it, customers need to go to WooCommerce settings → Account → Untick the last 2 options in Account creation.

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